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These are my great great grandparents, Diedrich Rempel (1829-1914) and Anna Doell (1832-1892).

Are we related? I would love to hear from you. 

5 Nov 2011: Updated blog.

June 2010: I'm still here - where are you? Would love to hear from you!!

21 Mar 2009: Still don't have any further information on my 3xs great grandfather Bernard Rempel, and really no further info on Katarina Dyck other than she may have been a Katarina, daughter of Diedrich Dyck, born in 1811...pretty young to be Diedrich Rempel's mother but....

22 May 2007: Just a bit of a note--I have discovered from his death registration details, that my ancestor Diedrich Rempel (vital events information shown below) was the son of one Bernard Rempel and Katarina Dyck. I had always believed that Diedrich's mother was a Katarina Dyck but Bernard Rempel as his father was a complete shock. I have always thought that his parent would be a Wilhelm Rempel---and I have no idea who this couple was (I refer to Bernard Rempel and Katharina Dyck, my 3x grandparents, not my 2x grandparents in the above photo). Truthfully I was disappointed when I discovered this info because I had always thought that once I had the names of Diedrich's parents they would be the missing link to a lineage I recognized---now I am at a loss. If you know anything at all about the above couple, please, please email me. Thank you. Kathe.

2006: If you have visited before, thanks for coming back. I have recently added my own family tree to the Rootsweb sites. You can, I hope, go directly to it by clicking on the link on My Favourite Links page.

Some Family Names Are:

My ggreat grandfather : Diedrich Rempel 14 Mar 1829 - 16 Feb 1914

My ggreat grandmother: Anna Doell 07 May 1832 - 22 May 1892

My great grandpa: Peter Dyck Rempel 01 Aug 1863 - 11 May 1937

My great grandma Susana Friesen 20 Jun 1868 - 31 Mar 1899

Susana's parents, my other ggreat grandparents:

Heinrich Friesen 1838 - 1871

Katharina Reimer 1839 - 1874

My grandparents:

Jacob Rempel 10 Mar 1891 - Apr/May 1959

Magaretha Fehr 20 Jan 1893 - 07 Feb 1980


Family Reunion Preparation

What family re-union????? Who put this heading here?? But if I were planning one, the following idea sounds like fun----"think of which family member could be the following trees in the family grove: the nut trees, the fruity trees, the shady trees, the tree with the most bark, or the evergreen". Maybe I could pass around little slips of paper and we could all fill them out with our picks, might be a few surprises there. Pick me for the evergreen, please, please! 

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